Yoga Stick-e ® Socks … For that Barefoot Feeling!

The original Yoga Stick-e ® Socks have a unique patented design that creates a barefoot feeling!

The socks have a hole for each toe to extend through so the toes remain exposed. The exposed toes enable gripping during exercise.

They also have an exclusive non-slip, smooth, Stick-e ® bottom. Yoga Stick-e ® Socks are made from soft-as-silk, eco-friendly Bamboo fiber! Yoga Stick-e ® Socks
provide a hygienic, non-slip, sweat-absorbing environment for all your barefoot exercise including Yoga, dance, Pilates, Karate, and more.


The Benefits Of Yoga Stick-e ® Socks:

Exposed toes for gripping and maintaining that barefoot feeling!
Protects against germs and bacteria - made from naturally antibacterial bamboo fibers
Minimizes foot odor -- from the naturally deodorizing bamboo fiber
Non – slip facilitates better posing
Portable – no need to travel with a mat
Reduces risk of injury by providing a warm environment for muscles, tendons and ligaments
Exposed nails for pedicures!


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